We Are Horse Saddle Corral

Back in 2013, Horse Saddle Corral was founded by two old friends: Brian and Grant. Brian lives in Georgia and spends his weekends riding or out fishing. Grant lives in Texas and enjoys working on the family ranch and getting out on the trail.

Fast forward to 2022 and Jaime - a passionate barrel racer and entrepreneur has joined the team to bring new vision and products to Horse Saddle Corral! You might've noticed our active social media accounts and product releases on the website. That would be Jaime's work! She owns three beautiful horses and competes regularly in sporting and barrel events. Learn more about our team on our social media 🙂

We offer popular brands and models of saddles and tack at prices that are hard to beat. We distribute products throughout the US and Canada via UPS, FedEx, and First Class Priority Mail. Shipping is always free on orders over $100!

FREE Shipping Across The US!