Show Saddles

About Show Saddles

Show saddles are some of the most beautiful Western saddles out there. These saddles are designed specifically for use in the show ring and aren’t meant to be used for everyday riding.

Show saddles feature silver trim and detailed leather tooling, giving them a fancy appearance. The skirt on a show saddle tends to be deeper than usual, giving more room for tooling and silver accents. The cantle is low for easy mounting and dismounting, and the seat is balanced to put the rider into a proper equitation position.

What to look for in a show saddle?

When buying a new show saddle, be sure to familiarize yourself with the latest show ring trends. Buying a used show saddle usually isn’t advisable, because styles and features quickly go out of date. And while show saddles are all about catching a judge’s attention, you need to be cautious of buying a saddle that is just too over the top in terms of décor. This could negatively affect your placing and looks distasteful in the show ring.

Keep your horse’s coat color in mind when you shop for a show saddle. You will need to choose a saddle which complements your horse’s coat. And, of course, you should carefully coordinate your outfit and saddle blanket colors.

In addition to its appearance, a show saddle needs to be a good fit for you and your horse. The saddle should place you in a balanced position, and your leg should naturally align with the stirrup. A quality show saddle will leave you feeling secure and comfortable so you can put in your very best performance.

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