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About Barrel Racing Saddles

A quality barrel racing saddle is a must for both training and competing in barrel racing, but many riders also use barrel racing saddles when competing in mounted games and gymkhana events. These saddles are the smallest, most lightweight Western saddles available. They are designed to help keep the rider secure, while also allowing the horse to move freely.

You’ll notice that barrel racing saddles have a deep seat. The cantle is higher than it is on a traditional Western saddle, and the saddle horn is tall and thin so that you can easily grab onto it while turning. Additionally, the fenders on a barrel saddle swing more freely than the fenders on your average saddle. These free-swinging fenders mean you have the ability to position your legs to help you stay balanced and centered.

Barrel racing saddles come with a front cinch and short skirt. This design helps to keep the saddle out of the horse’s way as he digs down, bends, and curves around the barrels. The better a horse can bend his body, the better he can get around a barrel, which means a lower time score.

When looking for a new barrel saddle, it’s important that the saddle fits both you and your horse. Make sure that the saddle lets your horse move athletically, and that you also feel secure in the saddle. Some barrel saddles feature a roughout seat and fenders, which can give you additional security and help to keep you from slipping as your horse moves. You may need to try a number of different saddle designs before you find one that works just right for you.

Don’t forget to also consider how much the saddle weighs; a well-designed lightweight saddle can shave seconds off of your time.

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