Queen Size Silk Touch Ultra Soft Blanket - Making Waves

Queen Size Silk Touch Ultra Soft Blanket - Making Waves

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Introducing this luxurious queen size silk touch ultra soft blanket, featuring a stunning horses ‘making waves’ design. Made from the finest materials, this blanket is as soft as silk to the touch, making it the perfect accessory for snuggling up on the couch or keeping you warm at night.

The blanket's beautiful design showcases a group of majestic horses galloping through the water, with their manes and tails gracefully flowing behind them. The water's gentle ripples create a serene and peaceful atmosphere, making this blanket an excellent choice for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

Not only is this blanket aesthetically pleasing, but it is also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Its high-quality construction ensures that it will maintain its softness and beauty even after multiple washes.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with this queen size silk touch ultra soft blanket. It's the perfect addition to any home and makes for an excellent gift for anyone who loves horses or enjoys cozying up with a good book.

To clean this blanket, wash by hand or machine wash in warm water only. Do not wring out, do not dry clean.
80" x 80"
Super Soft
Single layer blanket
Perfect choice for chilly nights at home or cool-weather weekend outings

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