Showman Serape Southwest Print Fly Mask with Ears

Showman Serape Southwest Print Fly Mask with Ears

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Key FeaturesThe Showman® Serape Southwest Print Fly Mask with Ears offers essential protection and comfort for horses during fly season, combining functionality with a vibrant southwestern aesthetic. Crafted from natural fiber, this fly mask ensures breathability while effectively shielding the horse's face, ears, and eyes from bothersome insects. Its design includes an opening at the poll to accommodate the forelock, allowing for natural movement and comfort without hindrance.Equipped with Velcro closures around the cheek, the fly mask provides a secure fit that prevents slipping or shifting during turnout or while the horse is in motion. This feature not only enhances the mask's effectiveness in keeping flies and other pests at bay but also ensures ease of use for handlers. Additionally, the mask offers UV protection, shielding sensitive areas of the horse's face from harmful sun exposure, making it suitable for extended wear in sunny conditions.Ideal for both pleasure and performance horses, the Showman® Serape Southwest Print Fly Mask with Ears stands out for its practical design and eye-catching style. The serape southwest print adds a splash of color and personality, making it easy to spot in the pasture or stable. Whether used daily during fly season or for occasional outings, this fly mask prioritizes the well-being and comfort of horses, making it a valuable addition to any equestrian's grooming arsenal.Stunning Serape Southwest Print design.Made from natural fiber for breathability.Includes an opening at the horse's poll for the forelock.Velcro closure around the cheek for a secure fit.Provides UV protection for the horse's face.Ideal for protecting horses during fly season.

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