Showman Aztec Print Horse Sized Fly Mask with Ears

Showman Aztec Print Horse Sized Fly Mask with Ears

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Key FeaturesThe Showman® Aztec Print Horse Sized Fly Mask is a blend of functionality and style, designed to offer your horse the ultimate protection against pesky flies while ensuring they stand out with a unique Aztec print. This fly mask comes equipped with a thoughtful feature€”an opening at the horse€™s poll€”allowing the forelock to pass through without any discomfort, ensuring that the mask fits comfortably without compromising on the protection it offers. The addition of soft ears further enhances the mask's protective capabilities, ensuring that flies cannot bother your horse's sensitive ear area.The use of Velcro closure around the cheek is a design choice that prioritizes both security and ease of use. This ensures a snug fit that can easily be adjusted to accommodate horses of different sizes within the horse-sized range, providing a customizable level of tightness that prevents flies from sneaking underneath the mask. The Velcro straps are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring the mask stays in place whether your horse is grazing, playing, or resting.Beyond its functional benefits, the Showman® Aztec Print Horse Sized Fly Mask with Ears does not compromise on style. The vibrant Aztec print adds a touch of personality to your horse€™s appearance, making it a fashionable accessory for any equine. This mask is perfect for horse owners who seek to combine practicality with aesthetics, offering their horses protection in a stylish and eye-catching manner. Whether you€™re looking to protect your horse during peak fly season or simply want to add a fun accessory to their wardrobe, this fly mask is an excellent choice.Eye-catching Aztec design.Mask with ears.Easy-to-use Velcro fastener.Opening at the poll for the forelock to pass through.Allows air flow.Prevents bites from flies and other biting insects.Prevents botflies from laying eggs.

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