Slow Feed Collapsible Hanging Hay Ball Feeder

Slow Feed Collapsible Hanging Hay Ball Feeder

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This hay ball feeder is an innovative way to give your horse their daily hay. This hay ball feeder helps to promote natural eating patterns with its slow feed holes. This feeder is durable and designed to last as an outdoor/indoor feeder. The ball feeder comes with easy instructions, a rope to attach, and hardware to help you hang this feeder at any height you need.

Help cure your horse's boredom with this mentally stimulating hay ball feeder. Feeder is collapsible and comes apart at the top and bottom, for easy filling and cleaning. Store this ball feeder easily, by taking it apart, for a more convenient storage option. This hay ball is not only for horses and can be hung at a variety of different heights, to be used by ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, and other hay eaters.

Feeding holes measure 4" at widest point
Rope measures 45"
Feeder ball is 16 1/2" in diameter
Collapsible for easy cleaning/storage
Provides mental stimulation
Comes with hanging loop and hardware

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