Showman magnetic therapy mesh sheet

Showman magnetic therapy mesh sheet

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Showman ® magnetic therapy mesh sheet. Made of lightweight mesh with double buckle open front, surcingle belly strap and adjustable back leg straps to hold the sheet in place. 82 magnets are strategically placed and sewn into the neoprene casing to aid your horse. Magnets are bi-polar with 800-900. Magnetic therapy relieves pain and inflammation, increases blood flow to support healing, decreases fluid retention and helps fight infection. It aids in the relief in soreness and tight muscles.Precautions: Always consult a veterinarian for medical advise. Not to be used while exercising or unsupervised. Start with short 20 minute intervals and gradually increase time. Do not exceed 8 hours of continuous use. Do not use over untreated infection or in combination with heating agents or liniments. do not use if there are signs of hemorrhages.

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