16" Cordura Saddle Package

16" Cordura Saddle Package

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Key FeaturesSaddle SpecsThe 16" Cordura Saddle Package is an ideal choice for riders seeking durability, comfort, and affordability in their equestrian gear. This package includes all essential components for a complete riding setup: a Cordura saddle, a Cordura saddle pad with a fleece bottom, a nylon and fleece breastcollar, and a nylon bridle with a grazing bit. Cordura is a synthetic material known for its strength and resistance to abrasion, making it suitable for both trail riding and everyday use. The saddle's 16-inch seat size ensures a comfortable fit for most riders, accommodating a range of body types and riding preferences.Accompanying the Cordura saddle is a saddle pad featuring a fleece bottom, which provides additional cushioning and moisture-wicking properties. The fleece bottom helps to keep the horse cool and comfortable by absorbing sweat and allowing airflow. This combination of Cordura and fleece ensures both rider and horse can enjoy extended periods of riding without discomfort.The nylon and fleece breastcollar included in the package offers essential support and security. The nylon material provides durability and easy maintenance, while the fleece padding ensures comfort and prevents chafing. The breastcollar helps to stabilize the saddle and prevent it from slipping backward during rides, providing peace of mind for the rider.Completing the package is a nylon bridle equipped with a grazing bit, designed for gentle control and communication with the horse. The nylon material is lightweight and easy to clean, making it practical for everyday use. The grazing bit allows the horse to comfortably graze while bridled, making it suitable for leisurely rides or training sessions. Overall, the 16" Cordura Saddle Package offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for riders looking to outfit themselves and their horses with quality gear for various riding adventures.Cordura Saddle Set.Durable synthetic material.16" seat size for comfort.Cordura Saddle Pad with fleece bottom for cushioning and moisture-wicking.Nylon and Fleece Breastcollar that provides stability and security.Nylon Bridle with Grazing Bit.Lightweight and easy to clean.Available in a variety of colors.Seat: 16" Bars: Full QH Swell: 12" Gullet: 7" Horn: 3" Cantle: 4" Skirts: 12" x 24" Stirrup Adjustment: 32" to 36" - **additional holes can be added to stirrup leathers** Tree: Wood Tree Fiberglass CoveredWeight: 24lbs

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