Showman Nylon Neoprene Lined Halter with Rope Border Design

Showman Nylon Neoprene Lined Halter with Rope Border Design

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The Showman® Nylon Neoprene Lined Halter with Rope Border Design is a perfect blend of durability and comfort for your horse. This exceptional halter features an adjustable nose for a custom fit, ensuring comfort and control. What sets this halter apart is its unique rope border design, elegantly tracing the contours of the cheeks and noseband, adding a touch of style and sophistication to its overall appearance.Crafted with care, the halter boasts neoprene lining on the noseband, cheeks, and crown. This soft, cushioning material reduces friction and pressure points, making it an ideal choice for horses with sensitive skin or for extended wear. Whether you're at a show, on a trail, or simply grooming your horse, this halter provides an extra layer of comfort to your equine companion.To ensure longevity and reliability, the halter is equipped with high-quality nickel-plated hardware and eyelets that resist rust and corrosion. The combination of durable nylon construction and thoughtful features like the adjustable nose and neoprene lining make this halter a practical and stylish choice for horse owners looking for both functionality and flair.Brand: Showman®Average horse size (800-1100lbs).Unique rope border design.Neoprene lined nose, cheeks and crown.Comfortable, durable material.Adjustable crown and noseband.Nickel-plated hardware.var TabbedPanels1=new Spry.Widget.TabbedPanels("TabbedPanels1");

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