Showman Medium S Shank Copper Hinge Port Bit

Showman Medium S Shank Copper Hinge Port Bit

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This dotted S shank bit is designed to provide a more direct and precise communication between the rider's hands and the horse's mouth. The bit features a low port that sits comfortably in the horse's mouth and applies pressure to the lower jaw when the reins are pulled. The hinge in the center of the bit allows for independent movement of each side, which helps to prevent the horse from leaning or pulling against the bit.

This type of bit is great for training and competition because it allows for greater control and responsiveness from the horse. It is important to ensure that the bit is properly fitted and adjusted to the individual horse's mouth in order to prevent discomfort or injury.

Medium S shank provides extra leverage
Smooth independent side-to-side movement
Copper mouth for easy bit acceptance
Low port mouthpiece 
Black SS cheeks
Mouth: 5 in / stainless-steel with copper roller
Cheeks: 7 3/4 in / silver dotted

Experience the craftsmanship of a handcrafted Showman bit - each component is expertly welded, formed and ground by hand. 

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